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Cornell’s SP Series Slurry pump brings patented Cycloseal® technology to the Crushed Stone Industry. Adding to the diverse range of mine dewatering pumps, The SP Series Slurry pump offers a Cornell solution to abrasive applications throughout the mill process. Available in rubber and metal lined configuration to handle various particle sizes, and pH requirements. 

Cycloseal® technology means the pump can run dry....almost indefinitely. Will your slurry pump do that?

Cornell slurry pumps are made by the toughest standards for coarse abrasives for the Crushed Stone Industry.............


The only slurry pump that can run dry indefinitely without damage and outwears the competiion by 3-4 times.  You do not need a water supply line to the stuffing box, you have no leaks or wear costs from the stuffing box because it has no stuffing box.  Thats why it can run forever. Great performance from a great pump.

Model K Slurry Pump

Model HD Slurry Pump

Model K Slurry Pump

Model HD Slurry Pump

Design Criteria

  1. Metal impeller is standard.

  2. Design is suitable for molded rubber at a later date.

  3. The casing is constructed of tough spheroidal graphite iron. Casing and suction inlet are lined with natural rubber.

  4. Impeller and other wet-end components constructed of highly abrasion-resistant high-chrome white iron with a Brinell hardness of 680 to 720.

  5. High-chrome impeller is resistant to “tramp” metals and is capable of higher tip speeds.

  6. Radial impeller vanes both “clear” solids and reduce pressure at suction-side clearance - reducing solids grinding and recirculation respectively.

  7. Tight back liner clearance maximizes packing and shaft sleeve life - normally this clearance is opened up as impeller wears and needs adjusting.

  8. Reverse taper roller bearings purge grease to the outside – preventing ingress of slurry and over-greasing of bearing cartridge.

  9. Tight clearance between wear ring and impeller reduces suction-side slurry recirculation by up to 95%.Pumps feature a patented, adjustable, suction-side, sealing system that features a wear ring that runs against the machined face of the impeller near the eye.

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